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editorial clarity - ceo/founder

Edi is the owner and CEO of Love To Decorate.

A Member of Second Life since 2009, you could say he has tried a bit of everything. Starting out at BOSL (The Best of SL), Edi worked his way up to being an executive member of the organization. During his time at BOSL, he hosted his own radio show on BOSLradio, hosted live television broadcasts of major productions & fashion shows and more. He also dabbled in some hosting for virtual television network Metaverse TV.

In 2014 Edi focused on his true passion, Interior Design, and launched LTD! 4 years on, Edi is still an active member of the community and day to day business of the company.




A member of Second Life® since 2009 and her journey began by creating a wonderful role-play town called Somersley Estates with her partner which was open for several years and closed in 2014. With a background of marketing and public relations, she joined the Love To Decorate Team in 2015. Today, you can find her working on her daily duties of the website, shopping or spending time with her family and friends.


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Kahvy has been in Second Life® since 2007 and a fan of Love to Decorate since the start. Being asked to write for them in 2017 is still a dream come true for him. He loves to Landscape, his designs are often featured in the destination guide,  and scout for the best Home and Garden items on the grid. He also enjoys discovering new designers and highlight their work.  Seeing the community grow from the Prim days to Mesh and watching designers push the boundaries of our virtual world every time again never gets old for him. From being active with marketing big events to DJ-ing and co-owning a public sim, to blogging for LTD, he's always busy doing something in the community. 


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Moz has been writing and blogging about the virtual world of Second Life® for many years and has been with LTD almost since the beginning. He's a great Home & Garden aficionado as his overflowing Inventory will attest to. He lives with his much loved family and way too many birds and animals on a big landscaped platform which is often redecorated as his favourite designers bring out new products. 




A member of the Second Life ® community since 2009, Trixie's passion is all things home & garden related. She owns a successful interior design service and home & garden blog. She is also an avid shopper and a frequent helper in various group chats around the grid. When not building scenes and shopping til she drops, you can find her traversing Second Life® in search of new sims, stores and photography spots.