Our Team

Meet the dedicated team that makes Love to Decorate what it is, bringing you the very best in Home and Garden every day.

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Edi is the Founder of Love To Decorate.

A Member of Second Life since 2009, Edi focused on his true passion, Interior Design, and launched LTD in 2014! 

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Gabrielle is the CEO & Owner of Love to Decorate.

She joined Second Life® in 2009 and her journey began with creating a wonderful role-play town called Somersley Estates that grew quickly and was open through 2014. With a background of marketing and public relations, she joined the Love To Decorate Team in 2015. In the spring of 2018 she was promoted to be the CEO of the LTD. You can find her working on the website or projects, checking out new home and garden events, or spending time with her friends.

Email: GabrielleSomersley@Gmail.com

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Mozart is the longest standing member of the LTD team.

He has been writing and blogging about the virtual world of Second Life® for many years and has been with LTD almost since the beginning. He's a great Home & Garden aficionado as his overflowing Inventory will attest to. He lives with his much loved family and way too many birds and animals on a big landscaped platform which is often redecorated as his favourite designers bring out new products.

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Melly joined the LTD Team in 2018.

Melly joined Second Life in late 2008 and ever since her pixel feet hit the ground, she has been an avid shopper.  She spends her time shopping, blogging, hanging with her family and occasionally playing greedy.  Melly is a firm believer in sharing and supporting all the talented creators in this world and the best way she knows how is to promote them to the best of her ability.  It is amazing to take a blank, empty space and make it actually feel like home - you always need a place to go home and be comfortable.  Ironically, Melly's platform is a constant chameleon, for blogging purposes, her "home" is never the same, but it's always home-especially when her sister stops by to help!  Being a part of the Love to Decorate team is an absolute honor, as it adds another dimension to how she can be the best support for the home and garden designers. 


Jessa joined the LTD Team in 2018.

A Member of Second Life® since 2014, Jessa enjoys spending her time shopping, helping others inworld, and creating inspired spaces for herself (and anyone else who will let her get her hands on their home). She believes in capturing the unique essence of an individual and bringing it to life through decor; creating a space they love to be in. Jessa joined the Love To Decorate Team in 2018, she loves writing about home & garden and especially enjoys watching designers get brave with their creations by stepping out of their comfort zones.

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Jules joined the LTD Team in 2018.

Jules joined Second Life in 2012 initially to be Bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. Fast forward 6 years, it is now a huge part of her daily life. Something that continuously keeps her happy, challenged and busy.

She is a self-confessed Coffee and Shopaholic, both of which have fueled her passion for blogging.   Starting out in the world of Fashion, Jules quickly fell in love with all things Home & Garden.

Her love of helping others and supporting Second Life® Creators, Bloggers and Consumers has led her on many different paths of Management within the SL community. It is these qualities that have now led her to join the LTD Team.