*Pictures by kind permission of Piper Jaqueline Tigra - Official Orchard Heights Photographer & Audri Rein   Lanier

*Pictures by kind permission of Piper Jaqueline Tigra - Official Orchard Heights Photographer & Audri Rein Lanier


Did you know that as well as running a thriving community of role-play sims as Orchard Heights, the brand - as Orchard Heights Estates - will now decorate their private rental homesteads, full sims and 1/4 sims to your specifications?  It's a great deal from this award winning sim design company.  These rentals are not attached to the 17 community sims but are entirely private.   Customers can also rent plain sims and homesteads for their own decorating joy!  In this way, Orchard Heights has successfully covered all aspects of land rentals in Second Life®.

orchard heights landscaping 1.jpg

Often, folks will rent a piece of land and then get bogged down with the landscaping and decoration of it. There's so much in the way of landscaping pieces and housing in our virtual world that we are spoiled for choice - and sometimes it's really difficult to make those choices.  Your land and home may end up a mishmash of styles, look frankly amateur and nothing how you imagined that valued home would be.  In these cases, people then look around for someone to help them.  Well now there's Orchard Heights Estates to consider!

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Check out the Orchard Heights Estates website and you'll find there are Basic Private Sims and Homesteads.  And then there's the Premium Private Sims and Homesteads - those are either pre-decorated or custom decorated to your specifications. 

If you choose a Basic private rental, you'll start with light landscaping/terraforming and some amazing perks.  You'll become the owner of the sim with full terraforming, windlight and terrain texture rights. You'll have full estate control of the sim, full media and access control. The Basic Sim has 20,000 prims (30,000 prims on request only) and the Basic Homestead 5,000 prims.  That's a whole lot of decorating to occupy you!  As well as all that, you are assured of Orchard Heights high quality customer service, access through a special HUD to Orchard Heights Community so you'll be able to visit the events and hotspots there, early access for several well known events in Second Life®, plus discounts on ticketed events and restaurants inside the Orchard Heights Community.  We think this is a real bonus because you're not left on your own socially - which can be a problem sometimes - but if you want to you can join in with Community events such as shows and live singers and still be able to return to your own private land.

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The Premium Private Sims and Homesteads have the features of the Basic rentals but the big difference here - they are completely pre-decorated with a home included.  You can rent as seen or have your new land custom designed. It'll be your own private paradise with tons of prims remaining for your own personal items.  Orchard Heights Estates offer three design/landscaping options for these stunning rentals.

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1. Live Amazing
This is the option for folks who love to have a pre-designed or custom-designed sim but don't want to invest a large amount right away for a landscaper/designer. Instead, these people prefer to have a higher tier per week to maintain a beautiful sim and finance the design work over time. While this option initially comes with some restrictions, it also offers the opportunity to become a full owner of your sim after a set amount of time.

2. Live Exquisite
The Live Exquisite option is developed for those who want to have a beautifully designed sim and don’t mind investing in advance in order to have full ownership rights and a lower weekly tier price for their sim right away. For this option, you have two types to choose from:- 

Pre-Designed... these sims have been developed before and can be easily set up. Examples are usually available Inworld.

Custom Designed... when you choose the custom design option, Orchard Heights Estates design the sim according to your desires. They take all of your personal wishes into consideration and design the most magnificent sim you have ever seen.

full sim custom tropical 4.jpg

3. Live Forever
The Live Forever option is developed for people who want to have all of the perks of a beautiful seasonal, updated sim design for a reasonable weekly price without the added expense of full ownership.  

quarter sim design.jpg

If whole sims and homesteads are not what you're looking for or a wee bit expensive for your budget, Orchard Heights Estates now offers 1/4 elite sims for those looking for the luxury of Orchard Heights living combined with the privacy of sim ownership, on a smaller scale. Please contact Aiden Tigra on FaceBook or aidentigra resident Inworld for more information and to make a reservation.

quarter sim design 2.jpg

So, as you can see, there's a lot of options.  For more information, contact details, rental prices and so forth, please check out the website.

10/9/18 - (please be advised that Orchard Heights is no longer open)

Copyright - Moz Loordes for LTD, Piper Jaqueline Tigra & Audri Rein Lanier  for Orchard Heights - March 2018



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