Every day we'll go through the predominantly Home & Garden pictures that have been loaded to our LTD FLICKR GROUP and pick one out that deserves a special view as it’s so fabulous! This will be our LTD “Pick of Day” Flickr Picture.
Please be sure to add credits to your pictures or a link to your blog with credits to have it considered.

Out of August 16th's pictures we have chosen… "Blackberry Vermouth" by Sandryta.  Sandryta has brought down the house, or actually outdoor living with this display.  The warm and inviting look and colors makes you feel like you're right at home.  A perfect place to relax, sit back, unwind and enjoy a blackberry vermouth.  Each piece carefully laid  for maximum relaxation and enjoyment.  To top the look off, a basket of puppies would bring a smile to anyone's face!

To create this scene, Sandryta has used items from: Goose, MADRAS, ChicChica, JIAN, Fapple and more!

Well done, Sandryta and congratulations!

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