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Every day we'll go through the predominantly Home & Garden pictures that have been loaded to our LTD FLICKR GROUP and pick one out that deserves a special view as it’s so fabulous! This will be our LTD “Pick of Day” Flickr Picture.
Please be sure to add credits to your pictures or a link to your blog with credits to have it considered.

Today the Pick Of The Day goes to the photo named "Industrial Loft" by Orinoco "Noco" Hammerer.

Orinoco has create an amazing Industrial loft using the Kraftwork Plateau Loft. He's picked many of the Industrial decor items from this round of Man Cave to Create that high end, industrial look. This is an apartment you will find in the City Center of a City that never sleeps, it could be in any of the world's biggest metropoles, the Light streaming in is really well done and adds to the overall atmosphere. Cool, Stylish, Sturdy and Manly, a great space. Orinoco has used items from  BackBone, [zerkalo] , Fancy Decor, Soy. and many more.

Well done, Orinoco, and congratulations!

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See the full size photo HERE with details of the products that were used and where to get them.