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{moss&mink} is holding a Blogger Search from 16th to 22nd April. They are currently looking for 5 dedicated home and garden bloggers, and 3 mixed fashion/decor bloggers to join the team!

 What they offer their team:

* Access to new release item packs via Blogotex (Plus a lot of older releases too)

* Access to team use of a half sim of their personal private homestead space for setting up blog photo scenes (any setup, not just for their store. full terraforming and rez rights)

* Featured blogger art displayed in the moss&mink store with link back to artists Flickr feed.

* Select photos promoted via Social media, some with paid Facebook boosts.

* Monthly stipend (to help out with blogging related purchases)

  What they are looking for:

* Blogger or Flickr based - Either is great, so long as you credit all items and provide slurls. Also should be promoting to at minimum of one other social media outlet such as Facebook/Plurk/Instagram/etc.

* Blogging history at least 9mths - I am looking for bloggers that will be around long term and have a proven history of that to show.

* Quality blog photos - Consideration of resolution quality, advanced graphics settings use, lighting and shadows, composition.

* Creative, lifestyle setups - scenes that make contextual sense, thoughtful coordination and composition of items, awareness of current trends.

* Minimal post photo editing - use of creative in world lighting is great, but excessive use of photo editing filters leads to poor representation of items in world.


* 2 posts per month - They don't mind if you blog new or old items, just that there is a minimum of 2 posts.

* Mixed scenes are great, they don't require dedicated moss&mink posts.

* Items must be blogged within 15 days of claiming them via blogotex.

* Gacha sets, a minimum of 5 items from the set must be blogged unless noted otherwise.

* Items must be clearly showing in your posts, not mostly hidden or blurred.

* Flickr standard 'safe' posts

* Accurate credits including SLURL

* Adding to the store Flickr group & applicable event groups

* Optionally tagging the moss&mink page on Facebook

 If all the above sounds like it would be a good fit, then please do apply, They would love the chance to check out your work!

Accepted applicants will be contacted in world by the 4th of May. Notice of the blogger team will be posted to Flickr by the 6th of May.

Application forms:

** Do not fill both, your application will be deleted if you do. Choose the option that accurately represents your blog/flickr.

 Mixed Fashion/Decor

Home/Decor dedicated