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For the March round of Collabor88 The Loft and Aria are taking us outdoors with the Weldon vignette. Weldon welcomes us to a new spring season, with a traditional rattan arm chair, perfect for a patio, or indoors! Rustic chic side tables, and a console table perfectly compliment the set, while a large selection of plants, candles, and floral wall art. Whether indoors or out, this set is serving us tropical vibes and rustic yet contemporary style, perfect for getting you in the mood for the spring weather.

 The Weldon rattan chair is loaded with options from clean solid upholstery, to chic florals, and colorful and neutral rattan options. Purchasing a single color chair offers 4 to 5 seat upholstery options, and all the pillow fabric options you could hope for. Purchasing the full set gives you all color options plus 2 extra colors only available in the full pack! The entire range of textures is as follows:

Seat: Faded Floral - Black - Lime - Burlap - Emerald - White - Forest - Lemon - Pine - Poppy
Pillows: Emerald - Lime - Black - Burlap - White - Forest - Lemon - Pine - Poppy - Summer -
Black & White - Dots - Geo - Stripe - Floral A, B, C & D - Faded Floral - Botanical - Anchor - Leaf
Frame:  Forest - Natural - Black - Emerald - White - Lemon - Lime - Pine Poppy

 The Arm chair comes in PG and Adult with 8 unisex, 9 female and 8 male single sits, 16 cuddles with 3 sequences and an added 2 single + 26 couple poses in the Adult version.  It has a Land Impact of 6.

 Included in the set are:  Weldon Side tables 2 Land Impact - Tea Light Candle 1 Land Impact each - Spider Plant 1 Land Impact - Rubber Plant 4 Land Impact -  Banana Plant 5 Land Impact - Heartleaf Philodendron 3 Land Impact - Sansevieria Cylindrica 1 land Impact - Weldon vases With Heliconia 4 Land Impact - Weldon  Print 1 Land Impact -  Console Table 4 Land Impact - Leona Candle Sticks Trio 4 Land Impact. Permissions are Modify & Copy.