Apple Fall has just released his Fulwood Collection for the current round of UBER. This phenomenal living room set has all the quality we're so accustomed to from this designer, as well as the light, modern feel that matches his new sim and store very well. Every piece is textured perfectly, giving the set the Romantic and Rustic Charm that's trademark for Apple Fall, yet also brings an air of light elegance and class. This set is an absolute must have in any interior, combining high end antiques with Clean and Elegant design, and will go well in any home, from country charm to stylish loft.

One of the chairs comes with monogram pillows which you can choose any letter from A-Z, the other with a throw-blanket with tassels. There are lots of décor pieces such as books, shelves, flowers, hat box and cabinets, shelves, each complimenting the set beautifully. Create your perfect Country Living room with this astounding new release.

30032018 Apple Fall Uber 02.jpg

The sofa & chairs come as a set, either PG or Adult, featuring some custom adult animations in the chair including some Bento animations. The Sofa has 1 Default, 24 Female, 26 male single sits, 52 General Cuddles, 8 FF and 8 MM Cuddles and a wide variation of added poses in the Adult Version. It has a Land Impact of 8. 

30032018 Apple Fall Uber 03.jpg

The Chair comes in an option with Blanket or Texture-change Monogrammed Pillow, which goes from A-Z. The chair comes in PG or Adult and has 1 Default, 18 Female and 17 Male single sits,  22 cuddles and a lot of added poses in the Adult Version. It has a Land Impact of 9 with or 4 without Blanket.

Each set of poses  includes a Sequence Option in the Menu. You get both chairs and the sofa in one purchase, Permissions are Modify & Copy.

He also has the absolutely stunning Cosmos Flowers in vase, they really deserve a second look, the details on them are unbelievable. Perfect to add a little Spring to your home. They come in Pink, Candystripe, Red, Black or White color variations.

Other decor in the set includes: Noel Cabinet in Red, Green or Blue 6 Land Impact - Reclaimed Corbel Shelf 1 Land Impact - Apple Fall Books - Arrangement 1, 2, 3 or 4, 1 Land Impact Each - Designer Hat Box 1 Land Impact - Aspidistra in Wicker Planter 5 Land Impact - Leather Strapped Trunk 3 Land Impact - Althea Rug - Antique Dark or Light 6 Land Impact - Apple Fall Plaster Horse, 1 Land Impact, available at the Main Store. Permissions are Modify & Copy.