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The loft & Aria have released a fantastic set of dining room furniture at Uber. Everything you need for your formal diner as well as your kitchen breakfast corner. Always eat in style with this amazing Mid-Century Dining Sets, a fantastic addition to the Tennyson line!

No matter the size of space you have for your dining room or breakfast nook, these Tennyson dining pieces have something for you. Choose from a compact round table, or a larger glass top table, each able to seat at least 4 or more! 3 seating options are available, including 2 chairs, and a modular banquette. A sideboard, chandelier, pendant light, and assorted decor pieces complete this contemporary take on this iconic furniture style.

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Pieces comes with 2 wood options, while the chairs and banquette have 11 upholstery options to choose from, including rich vintage tones, neutrals and bright colors. The decor pieces each include color options including coordinated colors, and metallic accents.

The Tennyson chairs and banquette come loaded with single animations for dining, desk and general use, while the 2-seater banquette has single, friends, and couple animations. The set is also  Fully bento-hands enabled, with props for some poses. All together the Tennyson set totals 72 land impact for the full set up.

The major pieces are:  Dining Chair Version 1, 3 Land Impact and Version 2,  4 Land Impact with 5 general animations and 7 male and female single sits - Modular Banquet 9 Land Impact - Round table 1 Land Impact - Glass top dining table 7 Land Impact - Sideboard 4 Land Impact - Wall Decors 1 Land Impact - Mirror4 Land Impact - Plants 1 - 5 Land Impact each - Lamps and Chandelier 1 - 3 Land Impact - Small Decorations 1 - 3 Land Impact. Permissions are Modify & Copy.