JIAN has a fantastic weekend sale this weekend! Both the Jack Russel Pup and the Chinchilla collection are once again available and you can get them for half price this weekend only! We could hardly believe it either when we heard this news, and rushed over.

The first collection to go up for sale is the Jack Russel Pup. While the majority of Jian's Dog Collection are Gacha, this cute pup is not! You can own this sweet ball of pure energy for a bargain pride. It's a cheerful, lifelike puppy that comes in Wanderer, C0mpanion or held versions. They are fully animated including the tongue making them even more life-like. Let the puppy follow you around, or rez him and let him wander around a set range. It has a Rezzed Land impact of 16 and Permissions are Modify and Copy, they also come with a resizer.

But there's more! While you are still drooling over that adorably puppy, we have The Chinchilla Collection on sale as well. This has been asked about a lot so JIAN complied! There's a hand held version and one that rummages through your hair Those are adorable as it is, and very well made! The Chinchilla's come in Grey, Black, Brown and White Coat options.

But then we move on to the amazing cage Habitat. Every door opens, giving you full access to your new pet. It rummages around the cage so life like you will forget it's Second Life® ! Food, Water, wheel, toys, your new little pall has everything you need! It's on and about as tall as your avatar, making it a great feature piece to add some life to your decor. The cage has a total Land Impact of 33 and permissions are Modify & Copy.

From Today until sunday 3/25/18 both these fantastic collections are on sale for just L$ 250 each which is 50% off!