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We are officially Introducing the Illuminate and Love to Decorate March round Photo Contest! After you are done Shopping Illuminate, get your camera out and make a winner shot with your haul! You will need the Group Gift that is in the notices of the Illuminate Group. Group is free to join.


1. You MUST have the group gift in your Photo somewhere. "I Illuminate" must be visible in the photo.
2. You must have a minimum of 3 Illuminate exclusive items sold in this round of Illuminate visible in your photo as well. This can be a combination of any three designers or even just from one designer but it must me sold in Illuminate in THIS round.
3. You must Upload it into the Illuminate Event Photo Group Via Flickr
4. All submissions must be made by Midnight SLT on April 13th 2018  to be considered. Winner will be announced shortly after.

Here is what you can win:

1st Prize- 10,000L Plus early access* for you and 3 friends to April Round of Illuminate! Your post will also be showcased on the Illuminate Facebook Page, Flickr, LTD Facebook and LTD Website as Picture of the Day.

2nd Prize- 2500L plus Early access* for you and a friend!

3rd Prize- 1000L Plus Early access* for JUST YOU.

Lots of great prices so get to Illuminate to shop and start making those pictures!



*Early Access runs from noon - 6pm on March 17.



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