08022018 mudhoney collabor88.jpg


Mudhoney comes to Collabor88 with the Talia Set. The theme of Collabor88 is Right as Rain this round, and they've let the stormier weather inspire their textures and colors on this otherwise fantastic set. 

First thing to notice are the Drapes! They look stunning and with the elaborate texture menu they should be a decorators favorite in no time.  The Fabric has Beige, Black, Brush , Clouds, Downpour, Drizzle, Light Blue , Navy, Pink, Rain, Stripes, Tris, White, Yellow or ZigZag texture options and the Metals come in  Brass, Gold, Copper Pewter or Zinc. Land Impact on the Curtains is 8. 

It also has the Talia Bench which comes in  white, pink, yellow, black, light blue, beige or navy  texture options and has 7 single and 4 friends poses. Land Impact on the Bench is 4. 

The Pouf has mandala print, white, pink, yellow, black, light blue, beige or navy textures and  10 sits. Land Impact is 2. 

The set also contains: Rock Bowl 1 Land Impact - Rug 4 Land Impact - Books 1 Land Impact - Candle 2 Land Impact - Pillows with texture options Storm or Waves 2 Land Impact.

You can purchase each item separate ( the pillows are included with the bench) or as a Fatpack. Permissions are Modify & Copy.