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JIAN is at the Arcade with two adorable Gacha's: The Italian Greyhounds collection and the Teeny Tortoises. Italian Greyhounds, believed to be the dog breed of choice for Italian Nobility are slender, agile and sophisticated dogs, with a sense of humor! They will look fantastic by your side, guarding your every move.

There's 3 Rares to collect: The Puphora Peruser, A savvy Shipping Greyhound laying in bed that actively browses a tablet and contemplates important purchases. It's animated decor and comes in at 38 Land Impact - The Adult Companion, an animated adult Italian Greyhound that attaches to your avatar. It has all the coat and Collar textures - The Adult Wanderer, an animated adult Italian greyhound that wanders your parcel. It also has all the coat and collar textures and comes in at 14 Land Impact.

Commons are: Companion Pups, Held Pups, Wander pups and Held Adults, each in Black, Brindle Fawn or Grey color options, making the total to collect 19 different dogs. Permissions are Transfer only.

28022018 Jian Arcade Tortoises.jpg

Their second Gacha is something Jian fans have been asking for for quite a while! Teeny Tortoises! They're also enjoying a bit of food! They come in Green or Red with Blueberry's, Banana,  Orange or Strawberry, or the Rare Pancakes version with texture change tortoises. Land Impact is 3 on each and permissions are Modify & Transfer. Just remember, Tortoises are not turtles, so keep them save from water!

28022018 Jian Arcade Greyhounds PR.jpg

There's More! if you play the Gacha 25 times you will recieve the Player Reward! This is the Pupper Armoire, with all your Basic Puppy needs, including two texture change puppies sleeping on top of it! This alone is worth the effort of playing the machine! It comes in at 14 Land Impact and Permissions are Modify & Copy.

The Arcade will open at midnight tonight. which is when this Landmark will work.