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The Loft & Aria are at Uber, each with their own release, but together making the ultimate Mod Retro Living space: the Tennyson Living Room set from The Loft and the Diana Bar Set by ARIA. It's time for 60's and 70's retro, also known as the Mod Style. Orange, Green , Yellow and Brown and many other bold colors, round shapes and just that very distinct style in design. It's making a Come-back and the Loft and Aria have teamed up to make a really nice complete space. Bold, rounded lines paired with sleek legs on chairs and tables, all with the intens colors from the era, make this a living space that is a blast from the past, yet with a modern, classy twist. Bring the past right into the future with these exciting designers.

The Loft Comes with the Tennyson Arm Chair in PG Or Adult. It has 8 unisex, male and female single sits, 16 cuddles with 3 sequences and an added 2 solo + 19 couple poses in the Adult version. It comes in 10 color options: Grey - Black - Orange - Green - Teal - Navy - Red - Sage - Yellow - Sky. Land Impact is 5 and Permissions are Modify & Copy. The set also contains the Tennyson Lamp at 7 Land Impact, the Modular Shelf at 7 Land Impact, The side table and Side Table tall for 1 Land Impact each.

Added decor: Harmon Little plant 2 Land Impact  - Harmon Cactus and Books 3 Land Impact - Napa Picture Frame 1 Land Impact -  Linen Storage Box 1 Land Impact - Linen Wrapped Books 1 Land Impact.

25022018 aria loft Uber 2.jpg

ARIA compliments with the Diana Bar and stools. The bar has Clean or Worn Metal options and both bar and stools come in 10 color options: Yellow - Lime - Green - Teal - Orange - Red - Black - White - Grey - Black. The Bar has 15 poses and a Land Impact of 4, the Stool comes with 8 unisex, 9 female and 9 male sits and has a Land Impact of 2.

The set also contains:  Retro Print 1 Land Impact -  Potted Agave 1 Land Impact -  Pendant Light 2 Land Impact -  Decorative Martini trio 2 Land Impact  -  Ice Bucket 1 Land Impact -  Bar Tool Set 1 Land Impact -  Potted Monstera Deliciosa 3 Land Impact.

Permissions on all the items are Modify & Copy.