17022018 taikou kustom 9.jpg


Taikou comes to Kustom9 with the Playground Set. And the best part? It's not just for children!!! That's right, the set is fully animated and will work for children and adults alike (animation offset may need adjusting to your personal liking). It's available in a bright and colored version or a more sturdy, industrial metal. The textures are so good, you can almost feel the steel on this, and the ambiance it creates is just fun, fun and more fun!

The set has the seesaw ( in metal, yellow or red) that sits 2 and moves in a life-like fashion, for à Land Impact of 4 - the Jungle gym with 7 animations at 4 Land Impact - the Slide with 8 animations for a Land Impact of 3 and the swing set with 2 swings, and 2 sitting and one standing animation in each swing, coming in for a total land impact of 20. Permissions are Copy only.

This set's probably one of the most fun releases we've seen in a while, so don't wait and get yours!


special thanks to Taikou blogger Trixie Lanley for allowing us to play on her playground!