31012018 RJD Pool House.png


RJD has just released the new Pool House to their main store and marketplace. This massive three story modern build stands out mostly because of it's use of natural light. There's windows all around the building, allowing for a great flow of natural lights. Even the basement area has extra windows under the ceiling to allow light flow. The sleek, simple lines of this build combined with natural materials like wood, concrete and brick make this a fantastic build for the upcoming warmer seasons. It also includes a dream of a aqua infinity pool, making this an excellent waterfront house. The house is made to be extremely modifiable. 

You can customize every part of this build and you can easily change textures, change color or move walls around. Don't worry about mistakes, you also get a texture box that includes all RJD Textures to easily fix something. 

This three Story Build comes with the following: 

Ground Floor -  Living, Dining and Kitchen area's in One big space with a big wall with build-in Fireplace as room divider. You can remove the wall or or move it around to create your own custom space. 

31012018 RJD Pool House 04.png

The ground floor comes with an outdoor deck and stunning, aqua blue Infinity Pool. 

Upper Floor - Two bed/bathrooms with a indoor gallery looking into the living space. Each Room has a build in tile wall to add your own bathroom. Master Bedroom comes with attached balcony.  

31012018 RJD Pool House 05.png

Basement - One big space with. 3 rooms you can destinate the way you want. Make another bedroom, a playroom, sauna, cinema, gym, laundry room, Pantry or wine cellar: the possibilities are endless. Please note this house does not come furnished, you have to add your own furniture. 

31012018 RJD Pool House 03.png

This build has Materials Enabled and is best viewed with Advanced Lighting.  Land Impact is 147 at default size and Permissions are Modify & Copy. 

31012018 RJD Pool House 06.png

The house needs a area of ~25x42 . Pictures courtesy of RJD Marketplace