Raindale - Garwood greenhouse ad.png


RAINDALE has the stunning Garwood Greenhouse on special offer today for FLY BUY FRIDAYS.

If you're looking for a new greenhouse, this elegant one by RAINDALE can be purchased from the mainstore for L$50 today, Friday, January 26th. 

Land Impact will be 38 and the footprint approximately 12 by 8 metres.  There's a tinting HUD included for wood, floor, back wall and glass - so lots of variety.  (click corresponding button and use colour picker, click "tint white" to restore the original colours)  Also you can change transparency of the glass by clicking +/- buttons. 

The greenhouse comes fully linked - just drag it from Inventory to the ground.  Permissions are Copy/Modify. Doors are scripted with the Kooldoor system so you'll be able to set the access list and change other setting through the Menu. 

How to get Kool door menu.png