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It is that time of year again, where we have our Show Us Your Cozy contest! This time it is based on the beautiful season called Fall! At LTD, we just love the season Fall and therefore we are celebrating it by opening this contest. Imagine your home surrounded by the Autumn trees and grass alongside the pumpkins, the smell of crisp air. Now imagine the interior of your home, is it warm and cozy where you can sit by the fireplace sipping on pumpkin latte’s or hot apple ciders while nibbling on pumpkin pie?  Can you create a scene of such rampant and indulgent coziness that all our judges will want to snuggle up there immediately and never leave?  You can?  Well – Show us your Cozy!

Please note that this IS NOT a best picture contest. It is a decorating contest. Also your design DOES NOT HAVE TO BE an entire house. We are mainly looking for ONE ROOM but what you do is completely up to you.

 Now here are the rules and there are only three.

  1. The main items used in your Cozy have to be items from our judge’s stores. These are Cheeky Pea, Consignment, Junk, Kalopsia, MudHoney, Scarlet Creative, Vagabond, What Next and Zerkalo.
  2. Your Cozy scene has to be such that it can be visited by LTD staff and judges. This competition is all about your concept of atmosphere and clever design that will comfort and indulge the sense of Cozy to the ultimate, so those visits are essential.
  3. Your Cozy should depict any Fall scene.

The contest is now open from the 15th of October 2015 and will run until November 5th. Between November 6th and 8th the judges will visit your Cozy scenes and you’ll know you’ve done well if you have to pries them away. November 9th is when the LTD judges will visit and vote so please leave a glass of apple cider and toffee apple out for them. November 23rd is when we’ll announce the winners.

 So what do we give you for all your hard work?  Well, a totally fabulous, amazing and delectable set of prizes!

 First Place:

Cheeky Pea: L$5,000 Gift Card

Consignment: L$5,000 Store Credit

Junk: L$5,000 Gift Card

Kalopsia: Subscriber for one month and get all the new stuff for free.

MudHoney.: L$5,000 Store Credit.

Scarlet Creative: Next three releases for free (except gacha products) plus L$5,000 Gift Card.

Vagabond: Next 6 releases as well as an item named after them with color preference.

What Next: L$5,000 Store Credit

Zerkalo: L$5,000 Gift Card

& Your Winning design featured in LTD MAGAZINE November/December 2015 Issue.

Second Place:

Cheeky Pea: L$2,500 Gift Card

Consignment: L$2,000 Store Credit

Junk: L$3,000 Gift Card

Kalopsia: Pick 10 items from the store and get a custom item named after you.

MudHoney.: L$2,500 Store Credit

Scarlet Creative: Next two releases for free (except gacha products).

Vagabond: Will receive the next 3 releases (one of the items will be a choice of color preference).

What Next: L$2,500 Store Credit

Zerkalo: L$3,000 Gift Card

Third Place:

Cheeky Pea: L$1,000 Gift Card

Consignment: L$1,000 Store Credit

Junk: L$1,000 Gift Card

Kalopsia: Pick 5 items for free and get a custom recolor of your favorite item.

MudHoney.: L$1,000 Store Credit

Scarlet Creative: Next release for free (except gacha products).

Vagabond: Receive the next 2 releases for free.

What Next: L$1,500 Store Credit

Zerkalo: L$1,500 Gift Card

 We are pretty sure these gifts a prelude to your Christmas gifts or maybe it will help you with your Christmas shopping! Please make sure all submissions are sent in by November 5th latest. Any submissions handed in after that will not be accepted.

Please send submissions to


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