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The public has spoken and they have nominated their favorite’s for each category! We have selected the top 5 of each category. We would like to thank everyone that took the time to nominate. As we are a home and garden magazine and website, we wanted this to be publicly nominated so that we could remain impartial.

The Top 5 Selections have been chosen by the public, so now here is the easy part, vote for your favorite in each category.

Voting closes on the 19th of November 2015. Happy Voting.


Furniture, furniture – where would we be without our glorious furniture. Thanks to the amazing creators of Second Life. We get to create our dream homes at a touch of a button.

Best Living Room Furniture:
Best Bedroom Furniture Store:
Best Dining Room/Kitchen Store:
Best Bathroom Store:
Best Knick Knack Decor Store:
Best Eclectic Style Furniture:
Best Modern/Contemporary Style Furniture Store:
Best Shabby Chic Style Furniture Store:
Best Rustic Style Furniture Store:
Best Industrial Style Furniture Store:
Best Minimalist Style Furniture Store:
Best Transitional Style Furniture Store:
Best Urban Style Furniture Store:
Best Fantasy Style Furniture Store:
Best Adult Furniture Store:
Best Fullperm Mesh Store:
Best Overall Furniture Store:


Where would we be without the amazing prefabs that is made just for us to live in, use or even have our stores in!

Best Skyboxes Store:
Best Cottages/Cabins Store:
Best Family Homes Store:
Best Commercial Buildings Store:
Best Overall Building Store:


This is for those amazing designers who always make the items we just need for our outdoor living and landscaping needs, even down to those little details that help create your home into a dreamland.

Best Trees Store:
Best Grass, Shrubs, Plants Store:
Best Rocks and Cliffs Store:
Best Landscape Design Add-on's Store:
Best Outdoor Builds Store:
Best Outdoor Decor/Furniture Store:
Best Overall Outdoor/Landscape Store:


This is for the beautiful people who contribute to Second Life every day such as beautiful images, blog posts, sim designing, or even creating those gorgeous sims we use for our photography.

Best Home and Garden Blogger:
Best Lifestyle Photographer:
Best Landscape Designer:
Best Interior Designer/Stylist:
Best Home and Garden Event:
Best Public Open Sim:
Best Photogenic Sim:


Animators never get enough credit, they create amazing animations that creators use for their store products and it helps have natural poses and bring a realistic effect to our Second Lives.

Best Normal Animator Store:
Best Adult Animator Store:


The newcomers of Second Life, they may not be squeaky new but everyone deserves some credit for the amazing things that they do.

Best New Furniture Store:
Best New Adult Store:
Best New Landscape/Outdoor Store:
Best New Home and Garden Blogger:
Best New Lifestyle Photographer:
Best New Home and Garden Event:

Thank you for voting!


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