December 7
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We are delighted to introduce the latest member of the LTD DIRECTORY: DYSFUNCTIONALITY

Here is a brief interview of what the DYSFUNCTIONALITY is all about.


Please tell us a little about your brand. 

Dysfunctionality ~ [DDD] is a small collaborative brand featuring all original mesh and texturing, with an emphasis on low land impact, low lag, and affordable home & garden pieces. We carry many staples for inside & outside your home at reasonable prices – over 500 items are under 100L$!
We currently work with 1-4 different designers to bring you new & top quality original mesh items weekly, without the high price tag. Our group members get regular new group gifts, most recently some low land impact hybrid grasses with seasonal choices.
Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?
We source our inspiration from all over, including books, Pinterest, other games, and our customer’s suggestions through our yearly surveys.
Of all of your releases to date, which is your favorite and why?
A very difficult question with so many listed items, but I’d have to say our Creeping Fog for its versatility in decorating in year-round scenes. The soft ambiance works beautifully on water, within the boughs of trees, and even in the sky for cloud cover. When set with high transparency and glow, it looks perfectly enchanting. It’s definitely not limited to a Halloween item! Second runner-up would be Twinkling Ivy, and third our Starry Sky Cuddle Blanket, which will soon have an Adult variant.
 We would love to know the story behind the first product you released.
That was well over 10 years ago… But one of them was a rustic kitchen set that was very popular for many years in the pre-mesh & pre-sculpty days within the rustic, medi-fantasy, & gorean communities. Life was sure simpler then!
 What can you tell our readers to get them excited for what’s to come from your brand?
We’re constantly releasing the new, and often updating the old – our upcoming year we plan to bring you several new living room sets with custom handpicked animation engines for the indoors, and new garden pieces for outside!
We hope you enjoyed learning about this brand. Below we have included some Social Media Link and where you can purchase their items.

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