August 5
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The quarterly subscription BUILDER’S BOX was released today with 10 exclusive houses and skyboxes from Thistle Homes, Sway’s, Schultz Bros., Merak, KraftWork, Raindale, Serenity Style, Lagom, Newchurch and Kite.

 We’ll be looking at 3 of them in part two – KraftWork, Merak and Raindale.

KRAFTWORK‘s “NY Basement Loft” is a beautiful skybox based on New York basement flats and bedsits.  What is unusual and very pleasing about this skybox is that it has a small garden with steps up to the street and buildings surround.  Thus, it has a rather authentic feel to it.  There’s plenty of space – the footprint is 12 m x 23 m – and it has an inbuilt fireplace filled with candles and picture above, plus double doors to the garden area which are scripted to open and close on touch.  You can actually decorate the garden.  The Land Impact is 172 with Permissions of Copy/Modify.  With screens you could split the building up into sitting room, dining area, loft bedroom and bathroom.




MERAK‘s “Abandoned Moroccan House” is a beautiful piece of carefully observed architecture which has real atmosphere, especially when viewed in various Windlight settings.


It has a decorated courtyard which is open to the elements, and stone steps to the roofed house area. Land Impact is 110 with Permissions of Copy/Modify.  It would be perfect both on a themed sim and as a roleplay building.  Once furnished the atmosphere would change into a lived-in building so lots of decorating possibilities with this home.





RAINDALE‘s “Avenden Cottage” is a classic vintage style cottage that evokes feelings of comfortable country living.  It has a decorated porch and upper room.


The ground floor is open plan.  Stairs rise to a cosy attic room, whilst there is a stylish terrace out the back.  The building itself has land impact of 83  plus optional string lights at 15 Land Impact. Porch lanterns add a further 1 LI so if these are all linked together the final Land Impact is 99. Permissions are Copy/Modify and the doors and light are scripted.  The Avenden has a rez box for easy positioning and the footprint is approximately 26 m x 22 m. The cottage comes linked with doors and physics, so you can move it in build mode with no need to use the rez box again, unless you need a fresh copy or original scene with all the lighting.





The BUILDER’S BOX August Edition is available at the release price from their Headquarters, we’ve included a landmark below. To view the full catalogue, please visit the website.



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