August 5
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The quarterly subscription BUILDER’S BOX was released today with 10 exclusive houses and skyboxes from Thistle Homes, Sway’s, Schultz Bros., Merak, KraftWork, Raindale, Serenity Style, Lagom, Newchurch and Kite.

 We’ll be looking at 4 of them in part three – Schultz Bros, Lagom, Thistle Homes and Sway’s.

The “Warehouse Loft Skybox” by SCHULTZ BROS. is a converted warehouse style skybox with a Land Impact of 38. For all the detail that’s an amazing Land Impact.  It has one main floor with doors off to another small room.  This room contains stairs down to an entrance lobby which is darkly lit and provides a nice bit of atmosphere to this industrial building.  The doors open and close via click and they have rounded corners at the top which is a nice touch.  There are a lot of windows in this building, including the ceiling apertures and every care is take with attention to detail. It does feel light and airy but with the solidity of the Industrial styling.   The footprint is 17.5 by 16.4 metres and Permissions are Copy/Modify.





LAGOM‘s offering is the “Gothenburg Skybox”,  an atmospheric skybox with a footprint of 21.4 by 5.5 metres.

This is a long rectangle of a skybox with partitioning for a further 3 rooms off the main lounge area.   The Land Impact is 43 and there’s a lot of space here. The look of the building is classic lines with a light wooden flooring, lots of windows, including a floor to ceiling window in the main room, and smooth plaster walls.  Permissions are Copy/Modify.




THISTLE HOMES‘ “Gilley Lake House” is a delightful home with a stone base, raised main house and wooden steps front and back. Suitable for placement by a river or lake, and would also make a beautiful countryside residence.

The lake house has an interior texture changer for 9 paint colours so a lot of variety possible here.  It’s 127 Land Impact with Permissions of Copy/Modify.  The footprint is 23 by 23 metres and it has scripted doors and windows.  There are four main parts to pick up if you want to move it after you’ve deleted the rez box – base, house and 2 sets of steps.  When you want to use the texture changer – touch the “Thistle Home Keys” hanging beside your front door, then each room can be changed separately.  Unlinking the home is not recommended because it affects the texture changer.  A set of shorter steps are included if you want to lower the house into the ground somewhat.  The doors open directly into the walls, a great space saver.




Finally, we have SWAY’S “Arthur Cottage”.  This is a one room cottage with loft which features 6 exterior wooden clapboard paint finishes.


In addition to the exterior colours, there are a further 12 interior texture options making the cottage versatile for a multiple scene set of homes, perhaps set within a forest. The Land Impact is 24 with Permissions of Copy/Modify, and the ladder adds a further 1 LI.  The footprint is 12.5 by 9 metres so the cottage is nice and compact. Inside, a wooden ladder leads to a simple loft with triangular window.  There’s room enough inside to fit the essentials of living in!  A custom LOD and physics mechanism is provided so if you want to rez a lot of these on a themed sim, you can select the most appropriate LOD.



The BUILDER’S BOX August Edition is available at the release price from their Headquarters, we’ve included a landmark below. To view the full catalogue, please visit the website.



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