August 5
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The quarterly subscription BUILDER’S BOX was released today with 10 exclusive houses and skyboxes from Thistle Homes, Sway’s, Schultz Bros., Merak, KraftWork, Raindale, Serenity Style, Lagom, Newchurch and Kite.

 We’ll be looking at 3 of them in part one – Kite, Newchurch and Serenity Style.

KITE‘s “The Maison Lumineux” is a stunning house with a greenhouse style first floor, open to the sunlight.  The ground floor is more enclosed but no less beautiful, just more cosy.   A spiral staircase rises to the first floor and is bordered by a square railing which gives solidity to the building. The play of light and shade in this building is superb.  Land Impact is 133 and Permissions are Copy/Modify. It would make a rather unusual and energy enhancing home.


NEWCHURCH‘s  “Tribeca Loft Skybox” is an urban themed skybox which offers a generous layout, yet fits perfectly within a 512 m parcel. It fits most styles from the early 20th century, onward. It was inspired by the live/work lofts and offices found in New York City, particularly around the Flatiron District, Soho, Chelsea, and Tribeca.

The Land Impact of the Tribeca is only 47 and is rezzed as a single object.  Permissions are Copy/Modify. The feeling of space inside is larger than the footprint, 32m x 16m, and the light from the windows brightens up everything.  The loft area upper has a small box room or walk-in wardrobe if you chose to make that your bedroom. Underneath there are two enclosed rooms which could be used for bathroom and quiet study or small TV room.




SERENITY STYLE‘s offering is called the “Wanna Be House”.  This has some beautiful features to it and the texturing is superb, indicating that this romantic country house has been waiting for a new owner for some time.

A one floor home,  The Wanna Be has a wide living room that includes a special seating area on a raised platform by the window. The seating includes single sit animations in the cushions.  Land Impact is 40 with Permissions of Copy/Modify.  High resolution textures have cute details on them such as the artistic tree drawing on one wall.  The house has additional bedroom, bathroom and kitchen areas.




The BUILDER’S BOX August Edition is available at the release price from their Headquarters, we’ve included a landmark below. To view the full catalogue, please visit the website.





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