July 23
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We are delighted to introduce the latest member of the LTD DIRECTORY, BUILDER’S BOX.

Here is your brief introduction of what the Builder’s Box is about.

Hello, It’s so nice to meet you, Please tell us a little about Builder’s Box.

Builder’s Box is a 100% architecture subscription box containing exclusive homes & skyboxes, which allows you to get moving in & decorating ASAP!

Where did you get the inspiration for the idea?

I’m a lover of architecture myself and there are few events out there that really cater to this. A new home has to be one of the biggest luxury purchases that a consumer can make in Second Life. There’s that sense of excitement because a new home is both a blank canvas & a fresh start. I thought a subscription box full of a variety of them would be a great concept that caters to the ever-changing Second Lifer who jumps from home to home in the space of a few weeks. Which I’m sure many of you reading can relate to! I think most subscription boxes alienate a certain audience because they can only target one gender and even then, there’s the issue of not having the right body. I think that’s the beauty of home/decor items and boxes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and get some use out of.

What is it REALLY like to run a subscription box?

It’s actually great fun and as an owner, I’m not just thinking of the customer, I myself FEEL like one sometimes when it comes to finding out what the creators have made for the month’s box! I’m often both excited & nervous, not knowing what to expect, but there’s a lot of passion behind all of this and I think that’s why I’m always so eager to find out. I think every subscription box needs a high level of trust, honesty & communication to succeed and I think it’s important for every box to have that. If you have that down, then the rest is pretty simple.

What can customers expect from the upcoming August box?

From our May box, we took on all of the feedback we received and steered the box in the direction that everyone wanted. We’re focusing exclusively on homes & skyboxes this time round and we’ve also got plenty more larger builds in this upcoming box compared to last time, while keeping a wide variety of styles so that there will be something for everyone.

What can you tell our readers to get them excited for what’s to come from the subscription?

For our end of year box, we’re actually going to be doing our very first themed release, which will be the Builder’s Box Christmas Village. I just love exploring SL at Christmas time and seeing all the themed sims, it’ll really help inspire some beautifully festive scenes. I’d say it’s going to be the perfect box for landscapers and those who want to live in their very own winter wonderland.

Be sure to read more about the Builder’s Box Website and their Social Media!




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