July 6
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We are delighted to introduce the latest member of the LTD DIRECTORY: BEE DESIGNS

Here is your brief introduction of what the brand is all about.


 Please tell us about your brand.

I started my brand by making textures and bought full permission sculpties, which I used to build as a hobby. One day, I decided to sell 1 beach bungalow, then ended up selling 30 on the first night. That started me to build more and more, mostly tropical items such as tiki huts, beach items and over time seasonal items. Once mesh came to SL, I started to make other items like vintage and shabby items.

Where do you get your inspirations for your designs?

I love to look online on Pinterest and look around on Google, but most of my creations is from my Real Life City. I take a lot of pictures of things I like, which gives me inspiration or to replicate things I like in Real Life.

 Of all of your releases to date, which is your favorite and why?

I love some of the gachas. I have so many but mostly I love the prefabs( I need to make some soon actually). The reason that I love these is because it is so easy to have a homestead or full sim and have it decorated within a short time. I LOVE to make seasonal items like Christmas things. So each year I rent a full sim to bring back Christmas Lane, which is my favorite time of the year.

What could you tell our readers to get them excited for what’s to come from your brand?

Besides all of the events I am in, I am planning some changes at the store. This will include some great discounts on many items. Also I’m building a tropical prefab sim for most of my creations. I’ll also be re-opening Halloweentown with a nice new design and tons of scary, cute, and fun Halloween/Fall items. And of course after that we will have Christmas Lane for winter.

We highly recommend you visiting BEE DESIGNS store today, we have also included some social media links so you can get info on new releases.




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