July 2
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[TIA] has a new release for FAMESHED, Rebecca’s Garden Shack.
This beautiful ‘garden shack’ is a perfect place to relax and read a book, do some office work, or garden. It is 100% original mesh and it has custom baked textures which make everything look realistic.
First let’s talk about the ‘shack’, it was created with using glass and re-purposed wood which gives a shabby chic style. To enter, there is two sliding doors that open and close with sounds, plus a side door. The structure has a low land impact of 15 and the permissions are copy/modify.  To decorate the ‘shack’ there is a table, chair, wisteria vines, typewriter with Paper Baskets, and a Ball Topiary. First we have the Santo Table, it is a vintage treadle sewing table that is converted to a table. You can use it as a desk or even in place it in your entryway or hallways. It has a low land impact of 3 and the permissions are copy/modify.  For seating we have the Veiled Chair that is a garden chair with a draped polka dot veil draped over it. You could also use this ‘chair’ in any room of the house and it has 22 high quality sits including typing and desk sits. The total land impact is 4.  For your office needs, there is a Churchill Typewriter that has two wire paper baskets. One of them is blank and one with typed pages. The paper baskets have a land impact of 3 if grouped and the typewriter is 3 LI also. For outside, let’s talk about the Wisteria Vine.  It comes in 3 colors, pink, white and purple. The land impact is 3 each for the corner and each vine in 4 variations to cover the outer corner of any building. To complete the set we have the Ball Topiary. It is a stunning galvanized metal bucket that is planted with a messy ball topiary. It is set with stones and it will look wonderful in your garden, door way planters, or even at events. The total land impact is only 2 each and the permissions are copy/modify. This set is something you will want to see because it is so pretty. So make your way to FAMESHED now, we have included a landmark.


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