July 2
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DAD DESIGN has released the Summertime Cottage for FAMESHED.

If you are looking for that home that will be full of fun summer memories, then this is the house you want to get!

As you walk up the steps you are greeted with a large deck that has a bamboo pergola on the top which protects you from the sun. All you need to do is get some great outdoor furniture and a glass of ice tea or lemonade and you have a great place to relax each day. One of the best features of the deck is that it has blowing curtains. They have a sheer and lace print and there is 4 shapes with 2 textures that can be changed by touch. Each have a land impact of 1-3 and the permissions are copy/modify. As you enter through the door you are greeted with a large central room. This is perfect as your living room and it has a very nice size. On each side there also one room to the left and right. One could be a dining room/kitchen combo and the other being a bedroom. With the spacious floorplan you could do so many things with this cottage, such as a cottage for summer camp, an office, and anything you could imagine. The windows of the whole house can be opened and closed which are arranged in different heights to create the most natural look. Since its summer, don’t be afraid to open the windows and say hello to your neighbors you see in the yard.

Something so great about all DAD DESIGN ‘homes’ is that you can customize your home so easy. All you need to do is find the button that is in the room and touch it. There is over 74 pre-loaded textures and you can change it by each room. Also you can change the color of the exterior walls and the texture of the floors. For security, you can also choose access for everyone, only you, or a notecard that you list who can enter.  The footprint is 21,0 x 20,0 and it has a total land impact of 173.

So stop by today, you won’t want to miss this amazing Summertime Cottage!


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