June 26
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We are delighted to introduce the latest member of the LTD DIRECTORY: TIFFANY’S COLLECTION

Here is your brief introduction of what the brand is all about.

Hi Tiffany, Could you please tell us a little about your brand?

Tiffany’s Collection SL was founded in 2010. This brand is distinguished by the high quality of its products and a careful detail in the design and creation thereof. At Tiffany’s Collection you will find a long and varied selection of creations that satisfy customers’ many needs, from a small spoon, to the same building that is used as Warehouse Management. In fact when you visit Tiffany’s you can touch the buttons that are in the store and to buy them. Customer service is supremely important to us, staying in touch with new and regular shoppers. The after-sales service seems to us as important as the timing of the sale. We just want happy customers, and we do not skimp on any details to be remembered in a pleasant way.

Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

I think of objects that people like and what they need. I talk a lot to my clients when I have the opportunity to see them and I ask them what things they would like to find. In fact I do custom work frequently, especially for special occasions and events. I love cooking in SL and my recipes are highly prized by my clients, especially the cakes. Celebrations are one of my strengths. At Tiffany’s you will always find a gift or product suitable to celebrate those days marked in the world calendar as indicated dates. Mother’s Day, Independence, St Patrick’s, birthdays, etc.
I like to work in floral arrangements of all kinds. I spend a lot of time in the garden, planting new plants and flowers that will make happy many SL avatars.

Of all of your releases to date, which is your favorite and why?

Well, that’s hard to say because I really enjoy doing each and every one of my designs. Every time I make fireworks, I get excited especially because of the light and sound effects, however my favorite creation are cakes, especially CRIMSON & GOLDEN ROYAL WEDDING CAKE. It’s been fun to make avatars really eat, I mean … you can see how your piece of cake disappears in your mouth. Couples who have bought this version, which comes with many extras, have been fascinated. It was so much fun creating it.

Tell us the story behind your first ever product release?

At first I started to make jewelry because it seemed quite a challenge. In those days the mini prims was the most difficult to do, and I am a specialist in getting into trouble as far as designs are concerned. I do not like easy things. So I made a matching set of rings and bracelets. She begins to laugh and says, I remember well that I gave it to all my friends, and they all seemed very happy. I thought they would never be sold …. but suddenly, the bell rang and I sold my first product. When I see them today, and I also use them, I remember that great struggle with those little ones and now I can do nothing but smile. It was my first step. Then I dared with a crown full of diamonds and pearls, after that crown I did not make a neck but a jewel. My RL eyes did not stop protesting about the mini prims. I do not keep the same computer with which I made that set of jewels, there is only one picture in the Market place, but I will put them now and I will take a new picture.

What can you tell our readers to get them excited for what’s to come from your brand?

My products are not cheap, but all because it took me a lot of time to do them really, but it gives me sadness that SL residents can not have them for economic reasons. For that reason I have created a special group. BUY FOR 1 LINDEN 1 HOUR. With this group you can buy some of my products for only 1 Linden, for one hour. In this way, many residents can have the opportunity to access my creations without having to have a lot of money. After all, Second Life was created under the philosophy of sharing creations.

We encourage you to view Tiffany’s Collection on Marketplace HERE

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