LTD PRESS RELEASE – June 12 2017 From Editorial Clarity

June 12
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LTD PRESS RELEASE – June 12 2017
From Editorial Clarity

Since the announcement that I was closing LTD, I have been overwhelmed by the support, love and wishes you have shown towards LTD as a whole. It is honestly not something I expected and was taken back by it all. At the same time, I also felt some pressure to try to find a way to keep LTD alive, for you. LTD has become such a relied upon source for both creators and readers and I feel it is my responsibility to keep it around for everyone that has followed and supported us.

This past week I’ve been talking to various parties about possible takeovers but at the end of it all, I feel the only people that can run LTD is me and my team. It came down to either find a way to keep it alive, or end it. So here is the good news.

LTD will be revamped and refreshed. L2D is here.

LTD Magazine will become a QUARTERLY publication instead of Bi-Monthly. SPRING (March 23) SUMMER (June 23) FALL (September 23) WINTER (December 23)

– The Website will become our Main source of inspiration and will run every day similar to before. New, magazine style content will be added to the website on a weekly basis such as interviews, interior design, spotlights and more – as well as our regular release promotions from designers and events.

– Content in general will be improved throughout ALL of LTD, as well as our advertising packages will be updated.

On top of this, our team will be refreshed! Gabrielle Somersley, a long time LTD Staff member will be overseeing the day-to-day running of LTD. Our contact page on the website will be updated in the next few days so you can see all staff changes and who to contact.

This process will be effective immediately and I am excited for this new phase of LTD to begin.

I’d also like to take this time to everyone for somewhat pushing me to do this. LTD is and always will be my baby, and although I’m going through a lot of changes in the real world, I want to do my best to keep it for you, everyone who has supported what we have done over the last 3+ years. So thank you.

Editorial Clarity


  1. Whew….glad you did not end it?

    I LOVE LTD! <3

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