May 19
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[TIA] has a brand new release for SHINY SHABBY, the Sylvia Bathroom Set.

This breath-taking collection is original mesh and it has a shabby chic style with delicate touches.  The collection consists of a Bathtub, Bathroom Chair, Veil Canopy, Flower Vases, Water Jugs, Side Table and a Rug. So let’s talk about each item separately.

First we have this beautiful ‘tub’, it is available in a silver or gold fixtures. It comes in the Adult version has it has high quality animations with 7 Single Sits, 9 Cuddles and 18 Couple Adult Animations. Your able to turn on/off the water and flower petals with a chat command and the tub has a low land impact of 9.

Next we have the Chair and Veil Canopy. The ‘chair’ is animated and has 13 single sits plus it has a HUD with 7 different textures for both the seat and the frill. The total land impact is 3 and the permissions are modify/copy. The Canopy is a dream for any woman who wants to be treated like a princess while they bath. Included is both silver and gold versions and it has the most pretty details that was made with chiffon and a delicate leaf lace fabric. It has a total land impact of 2 and the permissions are mod/copy.

For decor we have these Flower Vases, they are gorgeous peonies in a beautiful silver vase. It is accompanied with matching oil and perfume bottles and has a land impact of 5. The Water Jugs are Vintage enamel with a shabby touch of the tin metal. Both Jugs have total land impact of 2.

To complete the collection there is a Side Table and Plank Rug. The ‘table’ has an enamel finish that matches perfectly with the set. You can use this table anywhere in your home and it has a low land impact of 1. The Rug has a rustic real wood effect. It also has a low land impact of 1.

So fall in love with this amazing set, you can purchase it at SHINY SHABBY which begins on the 20th and we have included a landmark.


  1. Mozart Loordes

    May 20

    I just love Tia’s work!

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