May 13
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22769~[BAUWERK] has released the Table Dance Bar for the new round of ROMP.

The ‘Table Dance Bar’ is original mesh and it’s perfect for anyone who owns a club or hosts events. First we have the Pole Dance Bench, it is in the adult version and includes 18 high quality pole dances, 15 single sits that seat up to 4 avatars, and 15 adult rated animations. For those ladies that love to dance, the ‘Dance Pole’, has 18 pole dance animations that are sure to keep the attentions of your guests. To relax we have the Chesterfield Couch and Armchair that are both in Black. The ‘couch’ is available in PG or Adult versions. The Adult version has 28 single, 9 couple sits, and 15 adult rated animations. The PG version has 28 single sits and 9 couple sits. The size of the couch is 3,0 x 1,0 x 1,1 meters and the permissions are copy/modify. Next we have the ‘armchair’, the PG version has 11 single sits and the adult version has 11 single sits plus 10 adult rated animations. For decor, there is a pack to accent your space with Whiskey, Stack of Money, and Don’t Do Drugs.

Pole Dance Bench – 11 LI
Dance Pole – 4 LI
Chesterfield Couch – 6 LI
Chesterfield Armchair – 7 LI
Table Dance Bar Table – 1 LI / Decor Only
**Decoration Pack Details**
Stack of Money – 2 LI / Decor Only
Don’t Do Drugs – 2 LI / Decor Only
Whiskey – 2 LI / Decor Only

Each item has the permissions of copy/modify. Stop and view this set in person, we have included a landmark.

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