April 30
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DAD DESIGN will release the “Sweet Haven Cottage” at upcoming FAMESHED. Here’s an update with more information about the building.

This new cottage by DAD DESIGN is a beach home that’s both spacious and gorgeous to look at! It’s well named and is sure to become a favourite holiday home as well as one which can be enjoyed all year round if you choose to live on a beach sim.

The cottage is 100% original Mesh with a footprint of 11.4 by 15.6 metres. The Land Impact is 56 with Permissions of Copy/Modify. Materials have been enabled for Advanced lighting conditions.

The “Modular Deck” can be built separately just how you wish. The set includes various decks, pillars, single post, steps and ropes, all of which are Copy/Modify. The Land Impact for each piece is 1 and if you link them altogether when you’re done, the total LI will drop even more. This addition makes the cottage even more versatile because it can perch practically anywhere and still have decking that suits the landscape.

The windows of Sweet Haven Cottage have been arranged at different heights to create the most natural look when you open them. Inside, there’s a large interior space with steps that lead to a raised area. The included pillows have a texture change menu for 4 graduated colours – pink, gray, blue and hessian.

The cottage is available in both PG and Adult versions. Poses are – 17 solo animations, some of which rez props and 18 cuddles for loving couples, plus 41 intimate poses in the Adult version. You can also set security for the poses to Owner Only, Group Only and All. It’s very adaptable.

Customisation is easy and you can set access to the texture change Menu. Find it by the single door, touch this button and you’ll get a Menu. For the exterior of this beautiful cottage you can chose from 74 pre-loaded colours to personalise your home with. As the cottage is modify, even the floors may be changed to your favourite textures via the SL® Edit Menu. In this way, you can make your cottage unique to you.

We include a landmark to the Event but please keep in mind that it will start 12 pm SLT on May 1st.


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