LTD: The Last Forever Sim Preview

April 10
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The Last Forever is a new sim/full region opening on April 14th from the creators of West of The Rain, Oobleck Allagash and Nodnol Jameson (KraftWork), and along with the creative team of Kai Mannequin, Brooke Barmy, Rooky Yootz, Triin, and Jack Hanby.

The concept is a celebration of the unique town of Marfa, Texas.  Once a dusty, sleepy ranch town in the high desert of West Texas, perhaps known best at that time as the setting for the James Dean movie, Giant, it has over the past few decades emerged into a most unlikely center for art and alternative design.

The transformation occurred when famed artist and designer Donald Judd left New York in the early 1970’s to set up his studio and home in a place that offered him a vast open area for installations.  Gradually he began to transform the landscape and dilapidated buildings and, with it, the entire town and region.  Gradually people came from more conventional art centers, especially New York and Los Angeles where Judd was a legend, to witness first hand this rather bold and unexpected move.

Over the years other emerging and established artists and gallery owners began to appreciate the potential and possibilities that this remote Texas town could offer apart from the crowded and often buried art centers elsewhere. More installations began to appear, collectives were formed, galleries and small museums opened, and Marfa began to explode in the consciousness of the creative world.

It was in the late 90’s, and mostly more recently, that Marfa also became a destination for anyone who wanted to witness this quirky town (now filled with those who abandoned the larger art centers) for weekend getaways. Though three hours from the nearest airport, El Paso, the area became a weekend mecca, and a mini-Las Vegas if you will, that replaced glitz, gambling and casinos with art, design, unique cafes and small concept hotels.  Whether Judd ever imagined this success is speculative but, without a doubt, people are exposed to his art, and those of his followers, in ways he might never have imagined.

The Last Forever Sim is an interpretation of course. However, many of the buildings have been custom made in SL as an exact likeness and so as to give a certain feel for those who have never visited. The famed Prada shop, an installation placed miles from town on a small back road is recreated (minus the Prada name this time), The famed Judd Building, The State Theater, Marfa Contemporary, and The Marfa Ballroom all stand and are exact replicas created by The Last Forever team.

In addition, the region also serves as the setting and main shops for the SL brands KraftWork, Big Bully, Powder Pack, Kiss me Poses and soon, Triin.  As well, Marfa Contemporary will house rotating exhibits of SL artists and photographers, starting with an exhibit by acclaimed virtual photographer Melusina Parkin. The Marfa Ballroom will also host live Second Life performers on varying dates. Throughout though a bevy of photo opportunities abound and also provide unique areas for socializing, relaxing, or being inspired by the vision of “the father of Marfa” Donald Judd.

The Last Forever is a public sim and supported entirely by the five brands present. It is hoped that the Second Life community will feel welcome at any time and that it will of course inspire real-life visits to the special town and region that is Marfa and West Texas.

(all text and photos provided by THE LAST FOREVER team)

  1. tsmt01

    April 11

    Pretty cool. I’ve been to it’s RL counterpart a few times. Couldn’t find the Paisano Hotel here though. Is someone going to do the Marfa Lights on SL?

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