April 9
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The theme of April’s DECO(C)RATE was “Through the Looking Glass”. Here’s part 4 so you can see all the items in this month’s crate.

You can still get the April crate and other previous monthly crates at the DECO(C)RATE Headquarters but it’s now twice as much as the pre-order subscription… so this is well worth ordering in advance.

DI’COR – Harriet’s Corner Set is a Victorian themed decorative set with gold and white accents keeping the theme feminine and subtle along with supporting decorative elements to go with it.  The set includes:-

Di’Cor Harriet Console Table 4 LI
Di’Cor Harriet Decorative Vase 1 LI
Di’Cor Harriet Mirror 5 LI
Di’Cor Harriet Candles 2 LI – set the candle light in a number of ways – with colour, radius, fall off and intensity – it makes quite a difference to the ambiance of the room
Di’Cor Harriet Books of Wisdom 1 LI

EX MACHINA – Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s Inspiration
Before Lewis Carroll it was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Born in Cheshire in 1832 he was a mathematician, logician and a chess player… and then he became Lewis Carroll and a new world opened in front of his eyes, a magical world where nothing was like it was in the ordinary world. Alice travelled this world encountering amazing creatures and living extraordinary adventures.

His second book based on the Alice character is named “Through the Looking Glass” and the story is based on the chess game. The plot evolves as it would be a chess game where Alice is one of the chess pieces.
With this chess table EX MACHINA pays tribute to the genius of Lewis Carroll and his wondrous creations.

MUDHONEY – Iracebeth Entry Set

MudHoney Iracebeth Table – White and Black – LI 1 – C/M
MudHoney Iracebeth Candlestick – Gold, black and red – LI 1 – C/M
MudHoney Iracebeth Roses – LI 2 – C/M
MudHoney Iracebeth Decorative Box – LI 1 – C/M
MudHoney Iracebeth Mirror – LI – C/M
MudHoney Iracebeth Chair – Red, Stripes and White – LI 2 – C/M – 12 solo sits


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