April 9
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The theme of April’s DECO(C)RATE was “Through the Looking Glass”. Here’s part 2 so you can see all the items in this month’s crate.

You can still get the April crate and other previous monthly crates at the DECO(C)RATE Headquarters but it’s now twice as much as the pre-order subscription… so this is well worth ordering in advance.

MERAK – The Throne (brass handles or blue handles) – LI 5
Solo sits for Male and Female
Activities such as brush hair and put on mascara
[Merak] – Jewelry Cups – LI 3
[Merak] – Wonderland Vanity – LI 5
[Merak] – Oval Brass Mirror – LI 2
[Merak] – Eyeshadows – LI 1
[Merak] – Vanity Tray – LI 2 (all pieces Copy/Modify)

Pieces come in coalesced block for easy rezzing and separately

HEXTRAORDINARY – An amazing piece which is coalesced so rez it on Edit mode, then you’ll be able to move it without losing anything in the process.

The Cat’s Favourite Tree – LI 13 – C/M

*HEXtraordinary* Cheshire Cat – LI 5 – he’s animated and twitches his tail – C/M

STOCKHOLM & LIMA – AIW Lazy Daisy sculpture – LI 2 – C/M – has particle effect – zzz’s because it’s asleep!

AIW Lazy Daisy – swing – much fun! – 5 LI in total, rez as coalesced object – 4 swing poses – fully ADJUST facility – C/M

PEWPEW! – Floating Umbrella Light – Cyan/Red Preset – – LI 6 – movement on touch, they bob up and down in quite a soothing way – C/M  with lots of colours – cyan/red, green/cyan, orange, pink, pink/purple, red/yellow, sky, white. Customize the Colours, Transparency & Glow of 8 different faces, to make the Umbrella static, just erase the script inside.



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