April 7
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It has been a while since we have has a LTD EXPLORE, so this week grab your passport and camera because we are going to Orchard Heights.

This beautiful landscaped community has so many different spots for exploring, taking photos and events but also is called home by many citizens that reside there. Whether taking a stroll in the picturesque parks, spending a day of shopping in the Gacha District, or having a romantic stroll on the beach or around the breathtaking pond we are sure that you will fall in love with this community. It’s now spring in Orchard Heights and this well designed and landscaped town was created by the owner, Aiden Tigra. I got to sit down and have a chat about his community and I am excited to share the details with you.

I first began by asking the basic questions that people tend to ask the most, I was very interested on how he started his community. He responded, ” I used to own a club in SL. A big LGBT club…I got tired of the club scene and my wife and me stumbled on the chance to rent 3 sims that were already connected. At the time I pulled in a friend who helped designing the first 3 sims, but later on Lux Tigra joined our team and later family and has been the main designer ever since. She and I work very well together, she knows my thoughts and feelings. I’m able to explain to her my vision of creating a detailed and beautiful community and together we developed Orchard Heights as it is today. Orchard Heights counts 7 sims right now. The 7th sim will be open to the public in the next couple of days and will be our first try on a beach themed sim. Recently two new designers joined our team, who is working on the 7th sim. Their names are Lily Stardust & Vidia Stardust, both Lux and me are looking forward in having them integrate in the big adventure called Orchard Heights. Orchard Heights is now 15 months old . And growing strong still.

I was amazing at the layout and design of this large community and wanted to know what is his inspiration was, whether it was based on a Real Life Town or maybe from a movie. He responded by stating that “When i started I noticed a lot of urban type sims. Like RL. And I knew I wanted something else. Why build something that we see in everyday life? We all come to SL to enjoy, to explore and to spend time with our family and friends in surroundings that tickle our imagination. Orchard Heights is not based on anything RL, as only maybe one sim, that was inspired by some area’s in Venice, Italy. Other than that we wanted to create something that was unique. With nature and beauty. With magic and a ambiance that you can’t find anywhere in Second Life. We decided to not go into role-play with Police, Fire Department or anything related but to focus purely on a social environment where you walk the streets and come across one of your neighbors. An easy hook up to end up at one of the many bars in Orchard Heights for a drink and a talk. I wanted entertainment that was recurring so we build a venue where we host live singers and DJ’s. Soon another venue will be added on the beach sim, and we even will have several locations available for weddings and other party’s. We love social role-play. So we keep on focusing in arranging events that have everything to do with energizing the human behind the computer rather than to pull them in a role-play with gunfire and medical aid. “

As we spoke I was curious about if he has any staff members that assist with daily activities and citizen questions. He answered by saying ” When it comes to management I like to work with a small team. Since the second month of Orchard Heights the only estate manager I have is Vampi Raphael. She and I work well together. I’m someone who is very into details and I like to have things running smooth. Vampi understands that and picks up all the things I can’t manage to run. When I am out in real life for a while she is able to run Orchard Heights without me. Of course she always has a RL connection to me when something is up. My SL wife Aurora is also my RL wife and my rock when it comes to our adventures in SL. She is responsible for all our written materials and supports me where she can. In as well SL and RL. Next to Vampi, Lux and Aurora we have since recently a small management team responsible for our events and of course Lily Stardust and Vidia Stardust joined our creative team.”

In conclusion, I was quite impressed with all of the details in each sim. Something that so great about the town is the variety of activities and the friendly people. So feel free to ‘explore’ this amazing town, we are sure you will enjoy it.

* Photos Credits: By Aiden & Lux Tigra *


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