LTD: Live Your Dreams with DUTCHIE

March 29
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Article by Rosalyn MaCarthur – Styling & Photography by Elvi Hartley

There are three types of people in Second Life®. The first are those that do not have a home and depend on public sandboxes for rezzing privileges; the second is residents that have their own home but tend to decorate and walk away and only change things when they buy something amazing. The third types consist of people who change their home furnishings frequently and usually with regularity, often ensuring it becomes part of their weekly routine.

Obviously, the latter is generally the kind that designers can depend on to put their children through college and can usually be spotted at every shopping event on the grid or just off the little overflow side of the Arcade as the doors open. I tend to identify with type number two. I like to set up my house up as I like it and only change it when I either must move, fall in love with a new home or find that must have item. Regardless of your own preference it is important to ensure that the furniture or home you choose is your own individual style and functional to your needs. With so many different designers out there creating amazing items and homes, the choices in décor available to you is huge with some very well-known brands still continuing to provide Second Life® residents with some of the most amazing and realistic furniture, homes and décor items.

Dutchie is a well-known brand within Second Life® and has been featured at various events around the grid. With somewhat more of a focus on homes and builds rather than the smaller decor pieces, this brand has been established as one of the most creative and quality focused on the grid…

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