LTD: Urban Gardens

February 1
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Article by Mozart Loordes for LTD Magazine January/February 2017

It’s an interesting thing that despite living amidst the energy and bustle of cities, we still feel the need for a garden. It’s the creation of such oases of beauty and calm that seem to restore the
balance of a more natural existence.

Design by Jackson Verlack Photography by Jordan Giant

Mostly, these sought out spaces are small. This leads to the question of use, what do we want to use an urban garden for? Answers revolve around an escape from our busy lifestyles, examples may be working on a laptop in the fresh air, sitting and reading a good book, enjoying a glass of wine in the evening, perhaps entertaining friends in this extended room. And then, it’s all down to how much time we’re prepared to lavish on maintaining our gardens. Obviously the climate has a lot to do with what we can achieve and expect from our outdoor spaces, although having said that, there are more than a few tropical style gardens in the middle of urban London, UK!

Design by Bambi Foxdale Photography by Jordan Giant

Design by Rooky Yootz Photography by Jordan Giant


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