LTD: Color of the year

January 30
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Article by Eden Taylor for LTD Magazine January/February 2017

Through the years we have taken for granted all of the wonderful shades and colors; we fall in love with perusing for new garments to adorn our bodies and pieces to spruce up our living spaces. If you ever walked into your closet, and noticed the repetition of a particular color, that you happened to buy at a specific time of the year, it may not be accidental or coincidental.

Design by Damien Powell Photography by Jordan Giant

Quiet as it’s kept, there is a very important panel of individuals who specialize in selecting colors and creating trends that inspire fabrics for furniture, clothing as well as interior and exterior
colors. More often than not, the inspiration stems from current events, environmental as well as social.
Pantone may be a name that rings familiar although you’re not quite sure why, the answer is because of how much of an influence the Company has had as it relates to current trends.
Although it has most recently grown to become more of a household name, it is a company that has been around since the mid-1950s.

Design by Rocky Dethly Photography by Jordan Giant

Design by Rooky Yootz Photography by Jordan Giant


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