LTD: Turning back the clock to Non-Mesh

January 26
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Article by Miwa Menna for LTD January/February 2017

Do you recall a time in your Second Life® when you didn’t have to worry about how many prims a piece of furniture took in your home, whether it was a skybox or land? Prim counting was a very difficult matter before the introduction of mesh, just ask those who joined before 2011; because they could tell you a completely different story.

Design & Photo by Jordan Giant

For those who still cannot fathom the idea of being able to design a home on a prim budget and still make it look amazing, just picture this:
“It was 2009, and you got your very first piece of land, with a prim count of 1200. For a very long time, you had this vision of getting a Victorian home you saw once somewhere, you go
back to the store and get this beautifully built house, which was your ideal space, a dream build with lots of small details on the facade, great texturing, among other things. You get it and go back
home to lay it down finally and when you check your prim count, you only have 550 prims left to decorate; because that beautiful home you were dreaming of, with all those small details
happens to take up over 750 prims; so now, you are at a crossroads, either you take down your home, the one you’ve been dreaming of since you saw it on display, the one you planned on
decorating in such a fancy manner, or you get a house with a lower prim count, sacrificing the Victorian dream for a better chance to decorate your home.”

Design by Frederick Lancaster, Photo by Jordan Giant


  1. Shug Maitland

    January 26

    Fortunately the future of prim building is not as dire as you suggest.
    I recently purchased a simple little mesh sky build, mostly a 2 room house, a patio and some garden space. Upon inspection I realized I could do better!
    I duplicated the build nearly exactly with prims set to ConvexHull. When I was finished I had saved a few LI and there was no problem with “hover effect” due to improperly set physics.
    ConvexHull has, for some applications, given prims a slight edge over Mesh, especially apparent with larger (house size) prims since 1 prim = a maximum of 1 LI, usually .5 LI when set to ConvezHull.
    Sculpties also can be enlarged up to 64M and stay 1 LI.

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