Small Place, Great Space – A Modern Transformation

December 16
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Sometimes having a unique, one-of-a-kind home requires a little removal and replacement of walls, a change of color and voila, a totally new home that is yours! That is exactly what stylist Jack Hanby did when he purchased the Farnsworth house by FANATIK and we were excited to go and see the result for ourselves.

Photo by Jack Hanby

A blank canvas, that is what interior decorator Jack Hanby was looking for in his latest project. He chose the Farnsworth House by FANATIK, a challenging built to make your own for its limited space, but what a wonderful job he did.

The interior of the house has been completely renovated. This includes new floor, ceilings, walls, lighting and cabinetry. House appliances have been carefully selected and modified to fit the build in a unique and special way. Privacy in the home is also key, with blinds in every window of the home which go up and down automatically.

When asking Jack how he would describe his personal style, he replied ‘Grungy, rustic and industrial, but wanted to evaluate & freshen up his style by giving it a more modern appeal’. It is safe to say that he has achieved that with this remodel which has resulted in a beautiful, bright home which has used space in a smart and comfortable way.

If you would like to see more of Jack’s work, visit his portfolio below.


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