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June 27
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We are seeking for 1-2 marketing representatives to help keep the website updated daily. If you like to keep in the know of when new items are out then this could be for you!

What is required:

– Experience with WordPress would be preferred.
– You will be paid for the work you do on the website per week.
– To check Flickr, Facebook or any other places to find new home and garden items that are to be posted on the website.
– Our advertisers items are always posted when they have new releases.
– Spell checking, making sure the post is done per our format is essential and a must.
– To be dedicated and keep up with your posts.

What we do not want:

– Working on the LTD website does not mean you will get free items from designers, this is not what we are about. We are feeding home and garden items to the public to know about the latest releases out there.
– Even though there is a minimum posting requirement, we would prefer that there is more than that per week as we need to keep the website in constant update. It is normally two people working on the website and it is now time to expand to more people to help us out.
– If you do not meet your requirements per week, you will be warned twice and if you still do not meet those requirements… You will be removed. We need staff that are wanting to work and will continue to help out to keep the website updated.

Deadline for the application is July 2nd, 2016.

Those who are chosen will proceed to the Interview round, where we will meet one on one.


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