GOOSE – Looking For Bloggers

June 15
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Popular Home & Garden brand, GOOSE, are currently searching for new bloggers to join their team.

Applications are open from today until July 1st. Rules include:

1. Blog a minimum of 2 new releases a month.
2. Post your art in our flickr group for everyone to see. (only when GOOSE related items are included can be post here)
3. Add your link about your blogged item and/or flickr URL into our form ( you recieve link uppon approval). IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THIS TO AVOID BEING REMOVED FROM BLOGGERS GROUP.
4. When you take a break from SL let Tyrek Resident or Virus Melody know by notecard. Failing to do this might end up being deleted from our bloggers group and we dont want that to happen.
5. When using an avatar ON 1 of our items, use the animations provided in the item and not animations from other designers.
6. Its mandatory to blog our items for events within the first half of the event duration.
7. Have fun


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