LTD VISITS: Firefly Lake

April 28
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We love finding new and fun sims that we can share with our readers. Today, we stumbled across a brand new public sim called Firefly Lake. A sim without any roads or bridges and has a fantastic family friendly atmosphere. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the 6 beautiful and fully furnished lakeside cabins that are available to rent.


Created by Sadie Nova, Firefly Lake is a neat place to visit and spend time if you have a family in Second Life. Boats can be used on the lake for all to enjoy by using either the sim boat rezzer or bringing your own, as long as it is below 30 prims. You can also find a great gaming area, a fun playground and the cutest ice cream parlor and cafe with views of the water.


6 fully furnished cabins are available for rent on the sim. Each one has an extra 70 prims available to renters to add their own additional items and they are rented out for $L1,500 per week. So if you are planning a little family Second Life vacation, this could be your destination!


If you are looking for a new place to check out, we highly recommend this cute place. Firefly Lake is great for families, to explore, take photos or simply escape and have some fun. See below for a landmark and enjoy!


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