LTD: Family Vacations

March 31
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Written by Rosalyn Macarthur | Photography by Skippy Beresford, Lemon Panda & Pokute Burt

Sun, Sea, Surf and Sand is generally for most, a pretty good way to describe a successful holiday and within Second Life® this is still very much applicable. With a world with so many places to explore, there is nothing quite like spending some relaxing time with the people you love.

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Photography by Pokute Burt

Photography by Skippy Beresford

Photography by Skippy Beresford

For some, this would be their significant other, that best friend or even your own children and family. While you can spend some time
at your own home if you are lucky enough to have your own beach area, you are also able to rent land and areas especially designed for such a holiday or keeping in mind that for some the perfect holiday may not be the beach, the places and activities you can go to with
your own family are endless.

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