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March 29
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Article by Rosalyn Macarthur | Photography by Jordan Giant

The way you decorate your home in Real Life or Second Life®, is an extension of who you are. Your choices of décor and seeking out the right furniture that matches your own style has therefore become not just an amusing and entertaining shopping trip, but one that defines your lifestyle.


Design by Shocking Wonder

Personal Style can be very subjective in the way that when someone walks into your home they may see your style as chaos, some will appreciate the importance of each piece and some will describe it as an amazing sense of design. No matter the name, the Eclectic way of decorating is currently still very much in style.

Design by May Vossie

Eclectic Style encompasses a variety of different styles, periods and is best achieved through the use of a variety of colors, textures and shapes. This decorating style can be characterized as being versatile which allows you to borrow ideas from all styles, ideas and theories and lets you combine them successfully.

Design by Brent Lockhearst (above, below)


Asna result of the lack of such set concepts, some may be tempted to take all of their own favorite pieces and place them together. A consequence of using this method of excess combination of styles could result in overkill. To avoid this decorating faux pas or to minimize the overwhelming effect, there are some very simple rules to adhere to for a successful eclectic look…

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