LTD: Shopping in Sophistication

March 28
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There are some wonderful commercial builds in Second Life that completely enhance the customers shopping experience, and added to that list, is the brand new store of DAVID HEATHER. A brand known for it’s chic sense of style, the store is a perfect reflection of the creators personality.


The new model was custom built by Bernsten, owner of GUDU and was inspired by a Tom Ford store in Real Life. It was important for the builder to really add David’s personal style and he did just that. The build is open, bright and beautifully made. You are truly shopping in a place of elegance and sophistication, which was the primary vision.



Please note, that this store is pretty big! Each room has wonderful detail and style. Whether you are in the mens clothing, the fitting rooms or the large open space seating area, the flow is beautiful. Throughout the build you will also come across a lot of custom furniture pieces, created by David himself. These items really enhance the interior vibe while you shop.


It was a pleasure for LTD to explore this space. Whether you are stopping by to purchase clothing, or simply love architecture, we highly recommend visiting and appreciating the attention to detail here. David said his favorite area of the store is the first room in the mens section. A gorgeous fireplace with a cozy seating area can be found, one of many unique touches throughout the build.

Stop by, check it out. This one has been done right.


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