LTD EXCLUSIVE: DaD Design – Sweet Dreams Cottage

March 21


DaD DESIGNS have given us the exciting opportunity of getting the exclusive first look at a fantastic new prefab being released next month at the April cycle of the LTD EVENT. The Sweet Dreams cottage is a 100% original mesh creation and not only is it pretty inside and out, it has some excellent features!


If you love a beach or any kind of waterfront home, then you will really like this one! With its wooden exterior, large glass doors and porch, this home is a perfect addition to a piece of land with a water view.



Let’s get down to the specifics of this home. The house is 100% original mesh and is available in 2 different versions. One is a ground version and the other, is a taller version. Both builds are the same, just one is higher off the ground than the other. Because of the difference, each build has its own land impact. The ground version (shown in our images) is 216Li and the tall version is 242Li.



The interior of the home is very spacious and bright, which is perfect for a lakeside home. This home includes some great features, one of them are the porch lights which make the exterior of your home look pretty at nighttime, and the other is the magical switches on the wall. We say magical because these switches can transform your home in a very easy and effective way. We are talking texture change!



By clicking one of the many switches throughout the build, you are presented with a texture change menu. This enables the owner to change the interior walls (by room) and exterior to one of 74 different pre-loaded colors. For our write up, we used the basic white color for the interior and the Beige selection for the outside. This great feature makes it so much easier for the user to make this home their own, without having to worry about destroying the entire house by changing the textures manually.


Each window and door in the home opens and closes with a simple touch, as do the outdoor lamps on the porch. The house also has a security system which can be found in the same menu as the texture change options. Everything is easy to use, which is great because the less time spent trying to figure out systems is more time to be decorating and making the house into your new home!


This prefab by DAD DESIGN will be available exclusively at the April round of the LTD EVENT. This stunning build by Sheerpetal Roussel will be on sale for $L2,900 and comes with copy & modify permissions. The house size is approximately 17,8x 35,4 and will be available from APRIL 12.


  1. Gorgeous home. I might get me one. Thanks for the sneak peak.

  2. Diamondjade1

    March 22

    Deff getting one absolutely what i am looking for for the adult get away

  3. Cami Mahovlich

    March 22

    I’m just curious, how many rooms is it?

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  5. Roxy Summers

    April 13

    Where can I get this please?

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