LITTLE BRANCH – Weeping Willow

March 20
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LITTLE BRANCH have released a superb Weeping Willow tree, exclusively at the March cycle of SHINY SHABBY.

This product is 100% original mesh, includes a season change menu so it can be used all year around and comes with copy & modify permissions. See below for a landmark to the event to see this and more in world.


  1. Moldylocks

    March 21

    I love Shiny Shabby and all the other events, but I crashed out of Shiny Shabby 15 times this round. It’s not just them, all the big events are awful to get into, and stay in once you’re there. I’m always excited about the new events, and have money to spend, but this problem is so discouraging for us consumers. I often just give up and try to find the catalog somewhere and get stuff on MP. Pretending this isn’t a huge problem for us consumers doesn’t make it go away, folks, I’m sorry to say. Some places have started doing to mirror sims and this helps a lot. Isn’t there a better solution though? I know the creators work so hard and I want to support them, but the first rule of economics is to to make it EASY for the customer to purchase your products. What can be done here?

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