February 24
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Article by Lyrical Ember – Photography by Jordan Giant

Teleporting onto a snowy patch of land, I look ahead to see a shabby-looking brick structure. As I walk inside, I am absolutely overwhelmed by charm. From timeless treasures you may find in an old attic, to adorable little hanging origami cranes, this store owned by Amelie Knelstrom is completely filled with amazing things that you will want to buy.


A favorite piece that caught my eye was a bed called the Jordan Wire Bed. With it’s rustic frame and adorable texture-change blankets, what’s not to love? Her talent is very apparent in each of her pieces, from cute little kitchen clutter accessories to remarkable beds and chairs. All of which have a lived-in-varnishing to make any home in Second Life feel cozy. Everything you see in her store is full of character and charm.


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