LTD FEATURE: A Trip to Casablanca

February 22


The year 1942 saw the release of a movie that has remained a classic, Casablanca, Starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. Fast forward to the year 2016 and the magical world of Second Life, resident Sommer Shepherd decided to re create the set of the movie for her friends engagement party, and now, for the public to enjoy.

Sommer, along with friend, builder & decorator extraordinaire TracyLynne Carpenter, came up with the idea to build an in world film set to best represent the movie and the result is fantastic! LTD had the pleasure of exploring the sim today and we were impressed with the quality and the phenomenal detail not only on the exterior, but the interior rooms also.


When wondering the sim, you cannot help but feel like you are living in the world of Casablanca. Whether the streets are full of fellow exploring residents or empty, the vibe is great and the inspiring detail does not go unnoticed. Rick’s Cafe Americain, the famous bar featuring in the 40’s flick is the highlight attraction on the sim. The interior is so beautifully detailed, filled with pieces from Second Life creators that, when put together, bring the feeling of old Casablanca to life.



This build to between three and four weeks to complete and as said above, the end product is great. We asked Sommer how long this location is expected to remain open to the public and the answer we were given was until the end of February. This doesn’t give you much time to explore, so hurry! We highly recommend this sim, especially if you are looking for a new photogenic spot to take pictures.


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